Program in Integrated Science


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The Integrated Science Program (ISP) is a new undergraduate degree program that was established by the College of Science in Fall 2008. Its primary goal is to provide talented undergraduates with an opportunity to pursue studies that go beyond the traditional major in a single field of science.

Through coursework, research projects, and internships, ISP students explore the interrelationships among the sciences, the boundaries along which new fields are born, the discoveries made possible by cross-disciplinary research, and the excitement of such research enterprises here at the University of Arizona.


The ISP is designed to provide training in critical thinking, analytical and quantitative problem solving, teamwork, and scientific writing/presentation that cross the boundaries of scientific disciplines, while at the same time ensuring that students have a depth of understanding in a traditional field.

Students who major in the Integrated Science Program usually major in another area as well (Chemistry, Physics, Math, Molecular and Cellular Biology, etc) A minor in ISP may be developed in the coming year.