Program in Integrated Science

Why consider a degree in integrated science?

Because scientific endeavors increasingly encompass the study of many scientific disciplines. And because science is great fun. And because medical schools are favoring applicants with a broad yet deep education. The Integrated Science Program at the University of Arizona provides the unique opportunity to explore the inter-connections between fundamental areas of science, including astronomy, biology, chemistry, computer science, geosciences, mathematics, physics, and planetary sciences. ISP students have the advantage of potentially working closely with top UA faculty, both in the classroom and in the laboratory.

Admission Requirements

To be admitted into the ISP, students are required to have completed one year of calculus in high school with a grade of B or better, taken AP Calculus and received a 4 or 5 on the AP exam, or completed a community college or dual credit calculus course equivalent to MATH 124 or MATH 125 with a grade of B or better. In addition, students are expected to have completed with a B or better four science courses in high school, with at least one course in chemistry and one course in physics.

Degree Requirements

The ISP requires 120 units to earn the Bachelors of Science degree. Students also need to complete the equivalent of 6 units of directed research, write a thesis, and have it approved by an ISP advisor. Degree requirements are listed below. You may also want to consult the ISP Program of Study.

Foundation Courses

English Composition (3-6 units)

Tier One Gen Ed

Tier Two Gen Ed

One course must meet the gender, race, class, ethnicity or non Western civilization requirement

Foreign Language

This requirement (2nd semester proficiency in a foreign language) is expected to have been completed in high school. If not met by high school education, then two semesters of foreign language courses (4 units each) are required.

Minor in a field of science

Requirement: 18 to 22 units of coursework in an approved minor within the College of Science, the College of Engineering, the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, or the College of Medicine, or another minor approved by the ISP director. Coursework must be approved by the department/program of the minor. At least 12 units of credit in the minor must be distinct coursework from the courses taken in the major.

Science Foundation Courses (43-48 units)

ISP Courses (30-33 units)

ISP Physical Science or Math Elective A (3-4 units)

Select one of the following:

ISP Biological Sciences Elective B (3-4 units)

Select one of the following:

ISP Interdisciplinary Elective C (3-4 units)

Select one of the following:

Existing and Transfer Students

We can offer existing students as well as transfer students admission into the major, depending on their level of preparation for the ISP courses. It is very important for existing and transfer students to have strong quantitative skills, equivalent to the level listed for our program. It is equally important for students to be able to apply their mathematical skills to other scientific disciplines. For possible course substitutions, please refer to the appropriate section of the ISP program of study.

How to Apply

For more information about the Program in Integrated Science, to obtain a printed brochure, or to apply to the program, please contact

Christina Dentel
Academic Advisor
Phone: (520) 621-8128